You Already Won the Lottery

Winning the lottery is easy because you have already won.  Has everybody won the lottery?  Yes!  How is that possible?

You’ve heard that the lottery is a “tax on the stupid”.  You’ve heard that you can’t win, the odds are so stacked against winning that you shouldn’t consider putting your money and hope into it.  I say spend your winnings because you have already won!

Big news today!  Two people won a big lottery! Yes, they did.  Does this mean you should be “investing” in the lottery, the Power Ball or whatever you have in your state?  It’s actually much easier than that.  What are the next winning numbers?  Do you know?  Can you guess?  Everyone wants to win the lottery but really, we also know that for most winners it really isn’t a win, it’s just an experience in having more money than sense for a short time.

Sure, play the Lottery and maybe you will win, but don’t set your hopes on it.  Instead, spend from the lottery you already won!

Every human is born with talents. Your talent is the winning lottery ticket you have in your hand.  You already won, you just need to learn how to spend it.  If this sounds silly, compare what you already know, your talent which comes easy, to what you would have to learn if you won the Power Ball.  You would have to learn, suddenly, how to protect, maintain, safe-keep, manage, and invest money that wasn’t yours to begin with.  Your talent comes easily and the good thing is that if you over-spend it you can keep the earnings coming!

Talented people win the lottery as many times as they choose.

Movie stars go broke and then make more movies to re-win the lottery.  Same thing with singers, CEOs and writers.  You have a talent, just as much as they do.  If you run a business and you go broke, start another.  Realize what your talent is and put it to use in the right way to produce.  If you consistently produce with your talent the rewards, the cash, will come in time and can last your whole life.

Just like a money lottery, talented lottery winners often don’t utilize the winnings, and so they suffer the loss of opportunity.

If you own or want to own a business, realize your talents, understand what they are.  Then realize the talents of your employees and suppliers, as well as your clients.  Put talent to work for you by focusing on your gifts, producing more results based on your talent, and then by doing good for everyone you will be richly rewarded.

If your talent is dealing with people then make sure your time is focused there first.  If it’s design, make sure you are always designing something.  Whether it’s mechanics, a passion for justice, treating patients… whatever it is make sure you spend your time with your talent and when hiring others, match their talents to yours by filling the gaps in areas you have no talent in.

Talent may be perceived as real talent, an ability above normal, or a passion above normal for almost anything.  This is why knowing your own passion is so important.

You’ve won!  Now enjoy a lifetime of talent-based success!

Manage Your Nerd Time

Life used to be simple. I used to have only one goal a day, to complete my task list.  Today my simple task list is regularly bumped by the digital world.  There is a constant need, more like a nagging, to update the computer with operating system downloads, security databases, software updates for safety and then on the communications side we have texting, email, Twitter, Facebook, and more.  In my case I have to update my blog, re-edit or re-design the web site, find answers to problems with the technology I’m using… and track orders.  There seems to be no end to the number of distractions caused by keeping the systems up to date and secure.  Long ago, my little task wallet called a Day-Timer was never this difficult to keep up with, so long as I had a good quality pencil and eraser.  In fact, the Day-Timer worked better than all of this technology put together.

So what’s the answer to this problem of being over-run by technology?  Discipline; you must time-block all your computer nerd work for a section of the day when you can focus on it and at the same time not impact your valuable business focus.  Oh, the good old days when all I had to do was transfer my to-do’s not done to the next day!  But wait, was it really that good?  I remember losing my Day-Timer once, and all the contacts and plans within, and that was the day I decided to start using Outlook and Netscape.  It really is a
matter of managing your time more effectively because technology, used correctly, allows for an exponential increase in productivity and opportunity, as well as a system which cannot be lost.  My BlackBerry easily replaces the old handwritten notes and makes all
the information available nearly everywhere and to everyone who needs it (and it checks spelling).  Does this sound basic to you?  Good!  It really should.  The easy part is understanding the technology, the hard part is acting upon it correctly.

If you block your time and maintain the same schedule each day, it becomes easy to get the nerd work done.  I tend to do market and web research in the morning so I have new ideas in my mind for the day.  I like to focus on communications at 10:30am
and 3:00pm, which means Twitter, email, and Facebook.  Most of my web design and writing is in the early evening, or just after research time, and I usually save the nerd work
for the end of the day.  Of course you can set your schedule for what suits you best and the point is to have a schedule.  Business managers and owners have many things which impact their time throughout the day, and we all learn to deal with things as time permits rather than running after the next thing that pops up.  That’s the difference between managing your time or allowing time to manage you.

The handwritten Day-Timer was enough technology for the time, since I only needed to make about 3 sales per month.  Because of computer and internet, today the volume of business is much greater since I am able to more effectively duplicate my time.