Went to a KC Chiefs Game and a Third World Country Broke Out

I may be a Kansas City area resident but having lived in the Rockies for a large chunk of my life, I’m a Denver

fan, so I took the opportunity to go to a Broncos vs. Chiefs game recently, in Kansas City. This was my first, and maybe my last, outing to an NFL game. I like to watch on TV but the NFL is not the NFL I grew up with and this game, Broncos/Chiefs, in particular has underscored the changes.

Not only was there a murder in the parking lot during the game, but the fans murdered the parking lot after the game with what looked like a Juarez, Mexico trash dump. If fans believe leaving their trash, and I do mean a lot of it, in the parking lot as a reply to losing to the Broncos is a correct response, then I will never be a fan. Really, who does this?

Don’t Mess with Texas, a slogan created by the State of Texas in response to its citizens being nearly the last in our country to stop polluting by throwing garbage everywhere, was very effective. Don’t Mess with the Chiefs could be a worthy addition to this effort. In the days when Texans were so trashy as to constantly throw stuff from moving cars, litter the highways and roads, they would drive to the Rocky Mountains and do the same thing. They were bad neighbors to New Mexico and Colorado, less welcome because of it. Fortunately they are good neighbors today, because someone took action.

Where are Chiefs and NFL fans headed with this trashing of the parking lot? What does this say about the future of professional sports and fans? Just how far will this go and what does it take to end this?

I would first recommend that anyone caught trashing the lot should be expelled from future games and stadium parking, including the shared Royals parking lot. The cost of small loaders to pick up the trash, and garbage trucks to haul it off after the game would probably be enough saved to pay for the penalty. Second, the pregame tailgating fiasco needs to be reduced to an hour of partying. Let the party head home after the game. And, simple as pie, drunks should not be allowed! How hard is this to understand for a family event?

But really, who cares about the cost? What about the quality of the event? Will the NFL and the Chiefs allow trashy fans to overtake and obliterate the quality of the event? Should anyone allow so many drunks, murderers, and trashy people to hang around and destroy the event? Should NFL fans expect this?

Don’t Mess with the Chiefs and Don’t Mess with the NFL!

Yahoo! Falling to Ashes

Yahoo! may finally be heading to the pile of ashes, but we don’tInternet know for sure if they will become a Phoenix.  I’ve been using Yahoo and their services for many years.  Once the leader of the online world, only to be dramatically overshadowed by Google which is willing to take a risk on new projects.  Yahoo gets on my nerves these days for many reasons:

  1. The news content is garbage!  Must be the worst news feed in the world.
  2. User content is often too disgusting for children.
  3. Spam in the can!  I can’t believe how much spam I get.  Most people know that Yahoo seems like the spam magnet of the world.
  4. Yahoo email is the only place I get virus attacks from email these days.
  5. Web hosting service is good but behind the times for the price.
  6. No good web design tool.  They used to have a good one but failed to add CSS.
  7. Yahoo sports is okay, and Finance is really good, but that’s about all I can use them for.
  8. They killed their social platform and are now trying to bring it back in bits and pieces.
  9. Add up Google, Microsoft, WordPress, Bloomberg, and Twitter and they do pretty much everything Yahoo does and much more as a group, but better.
  10. Oh, yes, the news isn’t just bad, the headlines are often misleading which is very aggravating.
  11. The new CEO is a social butterfly who may not know what she’s doing.

Of course the new CEO could turn out okay.  The last few were… probably still jobless.  If Yahoo can regain some old glory I would be grateful to see it! If I stop using Yahoo, then where will I take my web sites and services?  I have several ideas but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I’m used to having one location for web design, email, and server utilities.  Google is my current choice for email and HostGator looks like a winner for web services and hosting.  The good thing about splitting up the service is that if one goes down the others should still be running, rather than an entire crash. If Yahoo truly loved, honored, and cherished my business, quality of service and support, would I ever leave them?  No. If I change, I’ll let you know.

Roku – Best Gadget Today

Get a RokuProbably the best simple gadget to buy right now is the Roku.  It’s great for streaming movies and more from multiple providers including Amazon, Hulu, Pandora, and Netflix.  Can you say “Free Movies”?  If you don’t want a BlueRay with built in streaming, or a new TV, or a game console, then this may be the gadget to get you into the new century.  If you have Wi-Fi for your computer (still a matter of joining this century) then you should be ready to go.  Oh, and the streaming providers have movies on demand and premium streaming.  If you have Netflix just add the Roku so you don’t have to wait for a DVD, you can watch an instant viewing movie while you wait… and much more!

Who Decides Your Next Phone Call?

What if your wireless provider decided your next call?  Since they have the information available to know exactly when to make a call and what time of day is the cheapest, and potentially when someone on your contact list might be available, then maybe they should be making your calls for you?  Sound stupid?  Of course it does, but what if it became like that?

Really, you could give full access and decision-making power to your phone company and let them decide when it’s best for you to talk to the next person.  They could keep track of your calls, how often you like to talk to someone, how often someone likes to be talked to, and much more.  They could use the tracking information to decide when you should contact someone because you happen to be in the same town, so hey, let the phone ring.

I know, it starts to get a little complex.  What if the person your carrier decides to call is your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?  What if you recently broke up and now you are on a date with the next person who you had really been hoping to go out with for some time?  There are many ways this can get messed up, become uncomfortable, or be a deal breaker.  How much information would the carrier need to know about you just to avoid making mistakes on your behalf?

What if you are driving?  Wouldn’t the carrier need to know if you are driving or in the middle of some other important activity, like brain surgery, so you are not distracted and have an accident?  They would really need to know much more information in order to maintain safety.  Maybe it would be important to know if you are eating, feeding the baby, taking a shower… because, after all, wouldn’t they need to know if the timing is right for a phone call?  Certainly!  And the more effective you want the carrier to be in managing this, the more you need to be willing to turn over as much information as possible.

What if you are sick but your carrier insists you make or take a call because the timing is right for your computerized communication schedule?  What if you are in the bathroom?  What if you are already on a call?  It seems that if you fail to comply, fail to answer when the system thinks you should, you may somehow be penalized and the next thing you know, some important person on your list is no longer called because the system now believes you won’t answer.  Possibly this level of service will incite you to turn the phone off, since the more people you know, the more it will ring, the more failures to answer will occur, and drive you nuts!  In the theatre, while flying, at your kid’s recital… what if you are a trapeze artist or human fly?  Okay, by now you get the picture.

But the real picture is of socialism in government.  How much are you willing to allow the government to do the same thing through social programs like healthcare?  How much should the government know about you in order to interfere in your life and ability to make decisions?  How much should the government “ring your phone” and decide when you should do certain things because of convenience based on expense, failure of others, and even mortality?  How much socialism do you really want in place, since the more socialism controls the more it needs to know in order to make decisions for you?  How much of your money, land, and freedom should the government take in order to manage your life, even on behalof of others?  It’s just as stupid as the phone carrier making your next call.  Ironically, the government seems to be gathering the data to make your next call… already.

Is Facebook Bottle-Necked?

Facebook was growing fast, looking like the next big thing, able to leap past Google and other large internet information and social exchanges, but now it seems nearly dead in its tracks!  What’s going on with this and why may it not work out after all?

Yes, Facebook has found a niche with social networking but it leaves some important things on the table which other platforms still outperform.  There has been a lot of speculation about where our internet experience is headed in the future, and yes, Facebook looked great, about a year ago.  Maybe it will go the way of Super 8 film, Betamax and other failed fads or technologies which are still with us, like the yo-yo, but not quite getting the long-term burn or taking over the world.  So what’s really missing?

Business!  Facebook does have social network pages but they have not grown into the real opportunity that it showed previously.  It lacks a real effort in advertising and is currently too difficult to build out into a meaningful business page which could lead people to the overall objective of placing an order.  Yes, you can get people to “like” the page and say they “like” the product but there is no real opportunity for visitors to learn, be enticed, or make any decision at all.  It seems that really “liking” a product or service is still contingent upon word of mouth.  The lack of expansive capability to truly link up a business page on Facebook and show product or service in a meaningful way causes it to completely lack the feel and effect of a verbally communicated “hey, look what I bought” or “check this out”. 

I really believe something much better than Facebook must be on the horizon and it won’t be long until looking at faces is about all people really do with the current platform, along with some chit-chat.  We may have reached our capacity on Facebook already.  If not, they better roll out a new platform very quickly!  The last 2 updates have added little.

How to Contact a Corporation

You can just about forget that.  Many companies not only don’t answer the phone with humans these days, but now they are becoming harder and harder to contact through the internet.

AT&T as an example, used to have their toll free customer service number plastered all over the web site.  It was easy to call them and get help with your account or sign up for new service.  Now, they have buried their contact info deep in the site.  Basically you are either paid up with them or you are out of luck!  They even cut off the web site to customers who are late on their bill.  That’s an interesting concept since a lot of people pay online, where they likely ordered or changed their service at AT&T to begin with.  It’s pretty funny that they sell the latest technology and then expect old fashion walk-in payments or credit cards by calling them from another phone.

Today I tried to find a way to contact Fox Sports regarding coverage of the KU vs Cal basketball game.  They have an affiliate in Kansas City but still do not broadcast the game right here in the geographic heart of Kansas fans (and the game was in California!).  You’d think somebody could say something but the contact page on the web is a dead end with a message stating they made changes to the site.

There are many companies which now forego good service.  The volume of business they do, and really many people refuse to complain or give their opinion, determines that they just “don’t” have the time.  Email works okay for many companies, but try to figure out the service pages for Norton, Microsoft, and many others who have quietly closed the communication channels. 

Okay, so, many companies just want to sell you a service and never speak to you again.  Is it because they don’t speak “American”?  Are they out of the country and don’t understand our sports and communication expectations?  Or do they just not care?  Too big to fail, too big to be bothered by those of us who pay them fees for service.  How far will our society let this failure to serve go?

Ten Ways My Blackberry is More Productive than Your iPhone


  1. It has a great voice phone! I don’t hear “What?” as often, so my calls are brief.
  2. Nobody is stopping me to ask if they can see my device.
  3. Nobody is asking me which Apps I have loaded.
  4. Nobody is telling me which Apps they have loaded.
  5. My email does circles around your email.
  6. I can type longer Text messages which Blackberrys can display but you have to send for the rest of the text.
  7. Outlook works perfect with my Blackberry.
  8. The real game is the game of life, not the time-waster games on your cell.
  9. My Blackberry and my powerful laptop get more work done than your iPhone and iPad.
  10. My Blackberry is a symbol of business sense rather than the current fad.

 Okay, that’s enough for now! lol

Anyway, there is no doubt they are both great phones and great systems!