Geithner, Are You Kidding?

Tim Geithner stated that we need to allow the Bush tax cuts to run out to increase taxes.  This is truly crazy.  Taxes are becoming small in comparison to the Expenses of having this bunch in the Executive branch.  It’s truly amazing what they think and what they are willing to say and do.  Do they really believe that everyone should be a government employee or if not paying for 10 other people to be government employees?  What will happen when Small business can’t function anymore?  Half the jobs in this country are in small business.  Notice we are losing jobs in small business and gaining jobs in the government.  Of course we are!  If you tax the small business heavily so they can’t hire, take away their employment benefits packages, make the Fed the only options and tax everyone who is productive… get it?  The Federal Government with these Socialist clowns in office is competing with free business, free trade, and capitalism.

These people running our government are supposed to be protecting our country, enforcing reasonable laws, and maintaining our freedoms.  When will everyone really wake up and speak the truth openly that this is what we do not want?

Small and mid-size businesses are taking a huge hit on taxes and the ability to employ good workers.  These same business owners need to be subscribing to lobby groups and educating their employees about the real risk to employment.

I really don’t want to talk about politics but since politicians are the biggest problem facing business owners I and all of you have to step up and take action now.

Congress is Taking a Cut of your Profits

Nancy Pelosi thinks the GOP is causing more unemployment.  Yup she does!  Democrats have the power, they have the votes, they can do as they please and yet she blames job losses on the GOP because she thinks they stalled the vote on unemployement extension.  Okay, first off unemployment goes to the unemployed, and not to the working people, and has nothing to do with jobs unless you believe people are quitting their jobs to get unemployment.  How is this lady so incapable of reasoning simple truth and yet in a position of power?

All of this is very damaging to business owners.  Unemployment has the effect of competing with business owners, especially small business since it creates a way for some employees to quit their job and still cost the previous employer money while they take a break and look for the next serial opportunity to collect unemployment from another employer’s insurance. 

Business owners need more control over payroll, benefits, taxes, hiring and firing, and application of their hard earned cash flow.  The government is slowly taking away the benefits for employees from the employer and at the same time reducing the benefits of being an employer.  The government is truly taking a big cut of the earnings of small business even when they don’t directly call it a tax.  All these rules and regulations and controls are in fact a tax on business!

If you own a small business which is now required to hire a third party accounting firm to audit your books, then that cost is a tax on your business.  It isn’t called a Tax but is, and it comes out of the earnings of the business just like a tax.  Even if you deduct the expense you can’t deduct the whole amount so your cash flow drops just because congress emposes the expense.  These rules and regs are expanding and impacting more and more businesses.  If it continues this reverse trickle-up method of siphoning off profits toward the taxing authority of the US will strip the benefits of being an employer to the point where it will cost Americans their standard of living.  Hello Russian standard of living… in the US.