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Good Business, Good Politics

Is it good business to want the Federal Government to be supportive of small and mid-size business in this country?  Yes!  Is it also good business to vote for representatives, presidents, and laws which support small and mid-size business?  Of course!  Then isn’t it also good business to talk politics as a business owner or entrepreneur?  Absolutely! 

Where does this notion come from that it is bad business to discuss politics in business?  How is it possible that doing so is a negative thing?  The men who founded this country were the top business owners and entrepreneurs of their day.  How would they have ever created the United States if they didn’t believe that good politics was also crucial to good business?  Isn’t that the entire reason behind the Tea Party of their day?  I can see where employees of large corporations may think that politics has no place in business, but they are not in business, not really, they are just employed and fear for their jobs, not their freedoms. 

Because small and mid-size business owners, as a group, are the biggest employer in this country, they need to have a loud voice. Since many of those currently running the Federal Government are not in business, and would simply like to take away as much as they can from business owners to further their own power and spending needs, it is economically important for the well-being of our country that our business owners have a loud voice.  Our business owners and entrepreneurs need to do all they can to make sure our representatives support small business because how else will jobs increase, demand increase, the economy increase?

The point is, it’s very important for business owners to talk about their needs, their ability to make a profit, their ability to employ more people.  It is rare that a business owner is in the business only for the money.  They usually want satisfaction in a variety of areas like helping customers, helping community, helping employees by providing jobs and good benefits.  They help the economy in more ways than just making and spending money.  They buy property, save money, build communities, and much more.  So why should they be quiet about what they believe regarding politics?  Business owners and entrepreneurs can claim to be a member of a party or independent, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that they realize the importance of the position they are in and how to increase the power of business rather than allow any party to hamper opportunity.  Owners and entrepreneurs need to speak out and help their employees and friends understand the importance of good business with good politics, thus good representation.

“All of us need to be reminded that the Federal Government did not create the states.  The states created the Federal Government.” – Ronald Reagan