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2014 the Time is Right

surfing 0012014 looks like it has the potential, the wheels on the ground to become a very good year for business.  Since it doesn’t end with a ’13 and because many businesses seem to be gathering enough wind in the sails to overcome the dramatic over-regulation of the Federal Government.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  We may even see a resurgence of focus on real rate of return business rather than empty estimates and internal redistribution of assets to tweak the balance sheet.  Productivity is coming back into practice.

Where can we see evidence of this?  Not in retail sales but in attitudes of professionals and the better quality of service expectations.  Everyone I talk to is leaning toward productivity, not just streamlining expenses.  More people are interested in innovation than ever before.  Successful business investors are awash with money and seem poised to invest in good business ideas and plans.  People are focusing on smart rather than government and this will win in the long run.

If you have a business idea or plan you have been waiting to launch, do it now.  I believe a good wave to ride is coming in now.  Get up on your board and surf!