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Buying Opportunity Ahead

Economic Loss
Downdraft of Squandering

The markets are sliding regardless of frivolous good news which in the past could have sent indices up ridiculously.  Maybe we will see some more reality.  The real question is, is this dark and cloudy depressing news or is it sunny?

This is definitely bright and sunny news as any approach toward reasonable prices, in any market, is a plus for our future.  Irrational exuberance of the 1990’s gave way to insane exuberance of the Fed, banking regulations, job markets, and real estate speculation.  One feature of this is artificially high prices floated by our bloated government, now run mostly by inexperienced nerds who have no clue what work and business are.
If you have plenty of cash on the sidelines now, you can be waiting for the opportunity for better price reality ahead.