Soup of Global Weakness

We have the mixture for disaster whether Communism, Satan, or Mother Nature and the soup is in the pot.

The Soup Mixture

Taking down the United States from its loft as the world leader of Freedom, Conservatism, and Capitalism would require a mixture of things to be put in place all at once.  The foundational features of this country would all need to be identified and moved against at the same time.  This is the only way to weaken a country founded on humans who choose to live a prosperous and good life. 

Whether Satan is stirring the pot or enemies of the U.S. doesn’t really matter.  You can perceive it either way.  The third option, this is all just natural progression in the life-cycle of humanity.

The soup is a mixture of CoronaVirus, weakened economy (especially productivity), lowered defenses, fear, disruption of the flow of materials, hyper-debasement of the dollar by printing a few Trillion more, broken trust, and political division.  An enemy infiltration has occurred in the form of political frustration created by those who would not maintain this great Nation.

We have warning signs implying that our global enemies are watching and considering our weakened state;  Russia, quick to move into Italy under the guise of help, Chinese ‘tourists’ found attempting to enter secure places by ‘accident’, increased sorties of Russian aircraft encroaching Alaskan airspace, a surprisingly high increase of Cyber hackers against American business and government computer systems, are all occurring now. Many countries are shutting down borders, including Canada requesting the U.S. to stay back from the border. And consider the possibility of China, Russia, and North Korea hardly affected by the CoronaVirus, which seems very odd.  Quite a soup mixture.

America Can Defend

Ultimately, what will happen?  Will the U.S. continue to diminish under these pressures?  Will we bring troops home to protect our own country or be afraid to move them for fear of spreading CoronaVirus? Can the U.S. withstand cyber warfare, reduced communications, lack of proper supplies to maintain strength in our own healthcare system? What will happen to our big cities which have been so important in global commerce, good will, banking, and leadership? Will countries begin to protect their borders from CoronaVirus by moving their troops, leading to ultimate global gridlock?

America is likely to rise to these challenges, defeat and overcome weakened areas of our commerce, strengthen allies, trade, productivity, and safety. If we have strong and forceful leadership in place, we will see a good outcome. Our military strength can be the deciding factor, not only for the U.S. but also other countries which cannot defend themselves. Part of our military strength is robust military technology, including the ability to pinpoint targets, disrupt foreign leadership, and defend against cyber-hacker incursion.  We have tools. 

In the face of great challenge, humans, especially Americans because of our entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to lead others, work ethic, creativity, and inventiveness, born of freedom, will find a way to rise to the occasion.  We will defeat the enemy and prove to the world that we are survivors in control of our future and well being.  The virus will be defeated, borders protected, and our productivity will continue. 

Which Enemy Did This

Enemies of freedom, capitalism, and conservatism may have put a master plan together in which they resolved jointly, to weaken, frustrate, and frighten Americans into a low enough state.  They could have launched a mutated virus against the world for purpose of domination.  They may be testing our borders and security, paying or benefiting leaders in U.S. Government to bring down our economy and scare our citizens into hiding, and reducing our materials manufactured overseas. It’s possible. 

But I choose to believe they do not have the timing of military strength, cunning, intelligence, or trust in each other to pull this off.  Instead, they are just responding to what’s happening.  They are considering the weakened state our country and allies could be in, and we would naturally do the same.  It is our duty to test and probe our enemies as well.  CoronaVirus, economic collapse, loss of trade, fear, all happened because China mishandled the virus and global response.  The U.S. and Ally Nations must now fix this, and that is just the way it is.

Evil could be the culprit.  Satan could be directing a CoronaVirus, and if so, the purpose is against all mankind, not just the U.S.  That would explain why this is a global problem.  Russian, China, and North Korea may be reporting they have a reduced effect from the virus because they think it protects them, by not showing weakness.  In any case, the only response is for all mankind to work together.  If Satan is the cause, then pray, go to Church (online now), believe and have faith in God.  If it is the end times then don’t worry, because you are participating and will be blessed for your faith.

Natural virus, actions of humans, social dependencies, and the world at large could have set these events in motion.  Even so, our enemies are still our enemies and will capitalize on any opportunity to press their system on the rest of the world.  They will seek political, commerce, and military opportunities in technology (cyber-attacks), placement of troops and changes in leaders of other countries.  They will freely give of resources, manpower, and services, in the name of their cause.  Remember, they do not act freely as individuals of freedom, but as one for the agenda of a singular leadership.  If nature is to blame, the only response is the same as defending against our enemies of freedom, since it seems to be in their nature to take advantage of the crisis.

Possible outcomes

The future will look different.  We are not likely to congregate as closely together for a time; our cities may struggle with loss of talent and workforce population. Immigration will be curtailed, shipping and commerce will change, manufacturing brought back inside the borders, and our defenses against many things will be sharpened.

All three possible motivators of our situation, regardless of which one is the true cause, or what you believe, lead to the potential of our enemies taking advantage. Especially if we choose to be blind to the potential, or ignore their movements, or simply believe it would never happen.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking we are in anything but a weakened state.  Our enemies will hover, watch, probe, infiltrate, and take whatever advantages they can- it is in their nature. At the same time, our enemies are weakened as well, by the changes in global economy, immigration, shipping, and movement of many things.

Possible things we have not seen yet: mass exodus from cities and infected areas, localized collapse of commerce, civil unrest, fuel shortage for lack of delivery, collapse and rioting in other countries, movement of troops, electrical grid failures, communications disruptions, complete lock-down, military engagement, citizens refusing to comply, food shortage for lack of delivery.

Our Economic, Military, Social, Technological, Material, and Sovereign strengths are of the utmost importance.  Every effort must be utilized on every front to maintain the world’s source of freedom, democracy, capitalism, and much more.

Don’t eat the soup, dump it out.