You Can Still Do Everything, Just Differently

You can still go out and play. You can still walk the dog (or cat), and you can still wave to your neighbors. There is no reason to avoid stores, restaurants, Church, and your favorite groups. The main thing is to be active with a different mindset than we took for granted before.

The objective is to be more conscious of the things we thought about but never quite took action on before. We never liked sneezes, coughs, dirty hands, or people who get in our space. We always knew that kids spread germs on playgrounds, in schools, on video games, and practically everything kids frequent or the toys they play with. Nothing is new here.

So take simple action by just being clean. Don’t go out if you are likely to be sneezing, coughing, or have a temperature. Everyone can maintain a wider space in public places. Don’t shake hands or hug. Don’t get in anyone’s space.

Most of all keep doing business but do it different. Here is a list of business changes you can easily make:

  1. Use the phone instead of meeting in person
  2. Use web and teleconferencing
  3. If you haven’t yet, learn to use social media
  4. Hire a company or tech guru to help you market online
  5. Make sure you learn how to do these things for yourself, just in case the price goes way up based on demand, or there aren’t enough techs to go around.
  6. Realtors don’t need to meet at homes, just use more security, temporary video cameras, smart locks…
  7. Service companies can be less intrusive and check to see how long areas have been vacant before starting work.
  8. Many businesses and services can change the time of day they provide services. Evenings, nights, and weekends when there are fewer people around.
  9. Hotels have many ways to clean rooms, sanitize, and prepare for guests. They can even pull rooms down for a length of time after a guest leaves. They already used this strategy in some hotels.
  10. Public services like Police can stand off further, use new tactics, and fire fighters and EMT’s can use stronger methods for avoiding infections.

The list can be much longer. Just consider your particular job or career and how you can reduce risk without just sitting out and going out of business.

Be sure to do you laundry every time you come back home.