Primerica, Dumbing Down

Primerica claims they cannot get to middle-class and minority customers because the state insurance exams make it too hard for new agents.  The test is easy, very easy.  If anyone needs a smart agent, isn’t it the middle-class and minority groups?

I almost hate to write anything about this since so many Primerica agents might not be able to read this.  As a potential customer, shouldn’t you worry that Primerica wants to hire people who can’t pass the current test?  The state exam is designed to test minimum standards and a lot of people make it through the process, for good or bad.  If anything the exam needs to be much more difficult.  It’s truly an easy test and only takes about two days of focused study to pass. Don’t forget, many of these “agents” end up with the title “financial advisor”.

If you haven’t seen this story you can find it in the Wall Street Journal today.  Maybe we should also lower the exam requirements for airline pilots, navy captains, and astronauts.  What if we lower the exam requirements for attorneys and doctors? I would love to be able to hire a dumb attorney or go to an ignorant doctor!

I know this is merely Life Insurance but isn’t it bad enough already?  And, can you imagine the first question you need to then ask each agent who solicits your business, whether they are either middle-class or a minority?

Surely they don’t mean the test needs to be in a different language, since almost everything I see is double thick to print in more languages.

Remember, Primerica is wanting to dumb it all down… Primerica.

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