Watch for Virus Style STARTNOW Toolbar Hack

I run Nortan 360 and several other security software programs, a strong firewall, and more to keep my system clean and running.  Even with a double firewall and some computer skills I couldn’t keep this irritating thing called “STARTNOW” from somehow loading into my Internet Explorer toolbar manager as well as Firefox!  I’m truly amazed it got in.  If it isn’t a hack, it sure acts like one.

Remove it like you would any toolbar but first you must go to your windows programs manager and remove the program called STARTNOW.  Once you run the uninstaller you can go into Internet Explorer and delete the toolbar.  If you don’t uninstall the program first you won’t be able to access a lot of the safety and management tools in the IE Tools dropdown.  It is less invasive in Firefox, just disable and remove the toolbar.

I hope someone goes after whoever did this.  They make appear as if it is part of Bing.  Maybe it’s a big hoax from MS.  Who knows?  Just get this garbage off the internet, please.

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