How to Grow Business in 2012

1. Ignore 2011 and the previous slow years and focus on the positives for 2012

2. Embrace Online Marketing and Sales as the future. It amazes me how few do this, even now.

3. Launch your business, or businesses now.

4. Use multiple platforms.

5. Broaden offerings and lines as well as services.

6. Expand into other markets.

7. Penetrate new vertical markets.

8. Exercise social connections and platforms.

9. Increase special offerings to new customers.

10. Implement new tools for marketing, sales, and services.

11. Educate employees, suppliers, distributors, and customers.

12. Move fast, not slow.

13. Utilize what you have in place.

14. Acquire new capabilities and resources.

15. Expect growth and it will come!

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