BlackBerry KEYone isn’t Retro

Those of you who keep trying to label the new BlackBerry KEYone


as a retro or somehow backward device, better think twice!  It isn’t backward but it is pushing state of the art, just look at the specs here!

If you think a keyboard is backward then you haven’t even taken a look at what this keyboard does.  If you think a keyboard is slower than swipe or touch then you really have no idea how this keyboard works and why it is fast as well as more accurate.  If your communications need to be spelled correctly you will have a hard time finding a better solution.

Watch the Inro Video for the KEYone

If BlackBerry had launched the physical keyboard today, for the first time, it would easily be in demand, maybe even more than their past phones like the Bold.  To call it retro is about the same as saying every phone you buy is retro just because it has a an ear piece and microphone, and can make a call.

The KEYone is designed for business, productivity, accuracy, compatibility, and security.  With the Android OS installed there should be no question that this is an excellent device meeting most of the needs of serious business.

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