Trump vs Bloomberg

Take a quick look at the headlines on The Investor’s Business Daily and Bloomberg.  The IBD showing the market jumping because of Trump’s comments on trade with China and Bloomberg editors writing “Trump’s Unforgivable Recklessness on Trade”.  Interesting contrast but realize, the IBD is about investing and capitalism while Bloomberg has become an exercise in Social Media, social as in socialist.  Bloomberg chooses to run with a political view of the market and IBD goes with a non-political reality.  Bloomberg would have you believe this is war, rather than economic negotiations. 

Bloomberg used to be my go-to media resource for good quality information on the markets and individual stocks, even replacing the Wall Street Journal.  Later, Bloomberg moved far left and political in nature and I had to dump them.  Ask yourself how you can make good investment decisions based on political worry rather than opportunity driven by management, earnings, products, and consumer demand.  Politics has some impact, but you only need to stay ahead of that enough to know when to get in and out, and maybe where. 

Extrapolate.  Where would we go if China manufactured everything and the west consumed it all?  If you can’t figure this one out, you are doomed to the fears of political media garbage since I refuse to spell it out for you.

BTW, do you know that Capitalism is not a political belief, but it is an economic principal, a way of doing business? It is only allowed or curtailed by the political system of a country.  Liberals would have you believe it is a political ideal.

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