Patient Handling Skills

Train your office staff in Patient Handling Skills

Elevated handling skills can be a great help in preparing your office personnel to work with patients and their families.

Physicians already understand the importance of knowing a patient’s needs.  Through training and normal practice they learn to listen, counsel, and provide mental as well as physical solutions by meeting their needs.  Even if the treatment is only aspirin most physicians still provide a level of hand-holding and confidence for the patient’s benefit.  Your staff’s front-end skills in obtaining deeper information can increase your efficacy and streamline your overall practice.  It will certainly help avoid other issues.

Every practice must provide quality interaction with patients and anyone who represents them.

A new level of service can be provided with education in these basic areas:

  • Increasing basic knowledge of patients by going beyond the initial form
  • Discussion techniques designed to help patients express their difficulty
  • Further understanding difficulties by gaining understanding of impact
  • Obtaining proof of situation by analysis
  • Matching solutions to expressed and proven difficulties or problems and offering a managed execution of services, treatment, and protocols

Ecspex provides professional training.

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