Ecspex Develops new business models and implements them in a variety of ways including start-ups, providing and managing a solution to partners and customers, or providing the model to those we consult to.

Many bottleneck issues are solved by new technology in the form of computer, software, engineering, and labor upgrades.  These opportunities provide unlimited possibilities for growth, expansion, profitability, and competition.

  • Computer and digital solutions
  • Workflow analysis
  • Software as a solution
  • Engineered workflow models

Many bottlenecks to productivity can be solved with upgrades to newer existing technologies and some must be designed or created for specific needs.  Here is an example:

One of our customers came to us with a seemingly simple problem of how to provide a better cleaning process for important installed equipment in their buildings which impacted air quality and efficiency.  We took the steps to analyze the previous process used, and identified numerous opportunities to upgrade in several key areas including design of the cleaning equipment, technology to meet specifications for manufacturer warranty, reduce breakage from the cleaning process, and manage the workflow to a surprisingly faster model.  We literally were able to save days of work and reduced the overall time to less than 1/3 of the previous method.  This impacts a multi-billion dollar market and we started a new business from this.

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