These are just some of the many areas in which we can help you Manage Effectively:

  • Identify and Manage Expenses by Negotiating - It's very easy to interview a few professionals and ask
    them how much they will charge or just allow them to show us the figures.  In reality a business owner can
    often negotiate a lower fee even with top-rated and referred professionals.  They all have a way to discount
    and you need to be aware of the discounts.  Sometimes renegotiating fees will also bring the professional in
    closer to get the job done faster for the price.  They are still aware of the quality of their service at the lower
    fee.  Just remember to make it a win-win fee and don't try to make it the most important thing.  You don't
    want to be their lowest paying client!
  • Reasonable Delivery of Professional Services - Time is of the essence!  When things have to be done
    on schedule, don't allow your professional service providers (attorney, CPA, advisors, insurance agents..)
    to drag their feet.  If they are late then you are late too, and potentially at higher risk.  Most CPAs are good
    about time because of the IRS. When it comes to non-tax code projects they can slow down.  Attorneys can
    be notorious for being late, since they deal with a system of courts which is perpetually late.  Always get
    time commitments.  You can negotiate reduced fees for tardy work at the beginning.
  • Discovering and Controlling Bottlenecks - Sometimes owners get so used to the processes they have in
    place, they just don't see the bottlenecks for what they are.  A simple example is when an office assistant is
    expected to make lots of copies and then sort, stack, and stable the sets.  Their time is always better spent
    with other duties but it is easy to think that it's their job and it always has been.  In today's business
    environment it is the job of the copier to do those things and release the assistant to take care of other
    important business.
  • Performance of Assets - Everything in your business and estate has a value and a future value.  If you
    purchase automobiles you know they will go down in value over time.  If you purchase land you know it
    should move up in value over time.  Each item also has an expected valuation over time calculation since
    they all grow or devalue at different time lengths.  It is important to have an expectation of the true
    performance of each item.  Financial assets have certain expected rates of return.  Based on that, if you
    are paying a professional to manage your investments, shouldn't the fee be based on performance as
    well?  Why pay someone to manage your rate of return less expenses to be lower than the markets?  You
    must have a policy in place for this.
  • Third Party Human Resources - Hiring and firing employees can become a full time job.  One of the areas
    in which technology has enabled good quality services is third party Human Resources.  When owners feel
    overwhelmed with employee issues can hire a firm to handle the legal nightmare as well as interviews and
    dismissals.  They can provide you with management methodology to help reduce time, expenses, and risks.
  • Technology and Internet Marketing Bottlenecks - It may seem that a computer is a computer and to
    some degree this is correct, but only when comparing apples to apples.  Every segment of the market has
    its own computer and software needs in order to be competitive with peers.  You may need a basic
    computer or more advanced power, depending on software, Internet, marketing, ordering, and much more.
    In larger businesses a variety of computers can get the job done.  One of the biggest bottlenecks in
    business is the reluctance to upgrade or keep up with technology.  The Windows Vista platform helped to
    muddy the decision making since it really failed to replace XP.  Now that Windows 7 is out and Linux
    platforms have upgraded substantially, the time may be right to make the leap ahead.
  • Analytics - A study of the historical data from customers, sales, client preferences, marketing programs
    and more can give insight to make decisions.  You may already have data that needs to be analyzed or you
    may need to start accumulating data for future decisions.  If you have a web store or services platform then
    you already have analytical tools available to track traffic and effectiveness.  It is important to learn how to
    utilize the power of this information!
  • Safety and Security - Does fear of the Internet prevent you from starting or expanding online services and
    sales?  Don't let it!  There are many ways to be sure of security.  A properly designed system can be safer
    than in-store sales.  Crazy?  It's true.  You must take advantage of the opportunity because a good web
    presence, properly designed, can handle the workloads of many employees... place it on automatic!
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