Alternative Business Investments-
    One of the most overlooked areas of service for Physicians is Alternative Opportunities.  Because of the
    high level of financial success physicians achieve, many services designed for average people do not meet
    their needs. Physicians need investments beyond their practice and normal financial accounts (like
    brokerage, banking, and bond accounts) just don't cover all the bases.  Physicians often look for other
    opportunities like Real Estate, private ventures, and alternative investment management.  Ecspex can help
    you review these alternatives.  Years of experience in business development, banking services,
    capitalization, technology, and investing give us a valuable perspective.

Practice Consulting -
    Coding is just the beginning of running the administrative side of a top-performing practice.  Many doctors
    and medical professionals plan to be successful in their field, not all take the time to plan a way to
    successfully leave the practice.

    Highly educated, highly trained and very capable of creating an income, medical field professionals require
    a much more detailed plan and broader services than other business owners.  We focus on alternatives to
    normal investing, business planning, estate planning, and tax strategies.

    One of the key areas we focus on is the ongoing valuation and  future worth of your practice so that you
    have an expectation of what it will sell for or even what you will have when you simply close the office or
    transfer patient files.  With our planning services you can focus on the practice until it's time to focus on
    other ventures or retirement

Practice Management -
    Often the burden of running a practice can take up too much time.  But the cost to hire a full-time
    professional manager can be too high.  At Ecspex we resource a variety of services for you to help run your
    practice.  We can take over a variety of services at a reduced cost compared to full-time managers.  Here
    are some of our services:
  • Computer and networking design, purchasing, installation, and training
  • Records design and implementation, software and files
  • Internet Web services, hosting, development, maintenance
  • Employment services, consulting, resourcing
  • Facilities management: locations, furnishings, real estate

Wealth Strategies-
    The primary business of Ecspex is developing Wealth Strategies for our clients.  We focus on successful
    business owners and help them make decisions regarding investments, business planning, alternative
    investing, partnerships, limited opportunities, tax strategies and most importantly Estate Planning
    Strategies.  Our ultimate goal is the risk management of your future net worth as an individual as well as for
    your estate and future generations.  Services include:
  • Business Valuation and planning
  • Future sale and continuation of business assets
  • Financial design for loan facilities and investment leverage
  • Review of investment assets of all categories including alternatives and limited opportunities
  • Review of investment advisors and accounts regarding performance and fees
  • Planning and management of long term plans and goals

Expert Coding -
    At Ecspex, we make the medical billing process seamless and enable your staff to remain focused on their
    jobs. We enable your practice to advance so you can apply your professional and technical skills in your
    designated health field.  Our value is in maintaining cash flow, providing swift, positive resolution of claims
    and aging accounts and providing our clients with the assurance of excellent management of medical billing
    and coding services.

    Please review Ecspex services for more details regarding financial and
    technology services - here
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  • Is this a good investment?
  • How much risk can I afford?
  • Which business structure is best for me and my goals?
  • Do I need more opportunity?
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