Ecspex Technologies was founded in 2001 to fulfill a need for systems services provided through a
consulting contract with a fee base rather than the common "hourly" charge.  The overall goal has been
to reduce expenses, increase technician availability, and become more engaged in the growth and
holistic health of the customer's business.

Today Ecspex Technologies has been combined with Ecspex to create a broad platform of services all
designed to propel the value of the client's business assets toward higher valuation and cash flow.  In
doing so it is expected that the business assets and client net worth will increase greatly as goals are
achieved over time.

Because our goal is not to sell our clients new hardware and punch a clock fixing bugs, but instead to
enhance their ability to be profitable, we are willing to out source and resource wherever and whenever
possible, thus developing a team of top-notch professionals and advisors to help maximize all
business opportunities.  We do this in the spirit of an active partnership.
About Productive Technologies