There are multiple advantages for your business:

    1. It works! Why suffer downtime?

    2. It's extremely FAST! Why wait to load, surf, or data crunch?
    3. Open MANY web pages at once! How about 16, 32, or 64? It's Organized!

    4. If you have a small IT department, GIVE them what they LOVE!

    5. Research and Analytics?  All the software you need!

    6. Software, Customizations, Programming - MORE COMPATIBILITY!

    7. Networking, servers, communications - It's ALL INCLUDED!

    8. Focus your budget on technology services rather than hardware

    Another reason Linux is likely to be an upgrade for many businesses is that
    current hardware systems, constrained by software upgrades, anti-virus software,
    spyware, and many other embedded programs can be freed of the burdens of
    excessive fluff and garbage to perform at much higher speeds and dramatically
    reduced downtime.

A Productive Working Environment?
- Dual Boot: Choose Windows or Linux at Start-up

The Ultimate Working Environment?
- Two Workstation: Windows and Linux
Upgrade to Linux!
is the leading Linux Operating System
developed by a global team of Linux
enthusiasts and is currently the fastest
growing operating system available.  
This could be an ideal solution for your
business, and it's free!  

In addition, it comes loaded with
productive software and a server
version.  Click the logo above to view
the PDF Brochure.