We focus on your overall safety
      Discovery of leaks in system security

Network Security Design
      Wireless or WiFi?                        
                      Both require Caution

Internet Security
      What is and what is not secure on the Internet?
      Save downtime, save on applications

Employee Loyalty
      System migration to state of the art can be
      difficult.  We ease the process by utilizing
      dual installation, design and test systems prior
      to full change-over

Data File Security and Theft Avoidance
      Many businesses have tons of data, or data
      which can be mined from older records.  
      In the design stage we can find valuable info
      you can use to increase your productivity in
      marketing, sales, and work flow

Work Flow Portability Security
      Identify and eliminate bottlenecks utilizing new
      Technology and work flow design.  It's amazing
      what can be gained in this productivity deployment

Hardware Security
      Are all systems and hardware the same?  No.
      Old Hardware, how to dispose of hard drives
      multiple vendors

Latest Solutions for Business
      When it's time to deploy new technology solutions
      it's best to have run the system for a period of
      time.  We also resource existing systems which
      can be customized and ready to go