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There's more to managing the technology of your business than
hardware and internet.  Here are some of the issues owners must
deal with in order to be sure their technology keeps up with not
only competition, but also expectations of customers and clients:

Relevance - Content on your web site, data you store, forms you
use to communicate with customers/clients must maintain a level of
relevance.  This isn't political relevance but information and style
relevance associated with the needs of people who view your web
pages.  You need to offer things to them which let them know there
is a reason to do business with you.  Yes, your current relationships
and referrals are important but irrelevant web site information can
cost not only potential customers but existing ones as well.  People
like to feel they are getting their money's worth as well as their
time's worth.  

Productivity - Your system must be productive.  Hardware
downtime is a major cause of low productivity in business.  Many
people will avoid using the computer just because of the fear of
freeze, lockup, and wait time.  Older equipment is not designed to
handle the broad bloat of graphics, new software, and internet
speeds we deal with today.  Newer documents created in Office and
other packages require more connections to perform well,
especially if they are interactive with web sites, graphics, images,
and media.  You may think to yourself that you don't create such
documents in your business, because your old XP platform just
doesn't do it, but incoming documents and email will include the
demand for this more and more.  Update your hardware!  At the
very least, update your software to a modern package designed to
handle the modern age.

Web Design - How does your web site look?  Is it out of date?
Check the copyright at the bottom of each page... what year is it?  
That's just for starters.  If you haven't looked at your competitors
sites as well as some of the largest corporations in the world for
comparison, your site may look like either a cartoon or a dizzy flash
project.  Cartoons are way out of date and flash is going out as we
speak.  Always look at Yahoo, Google, IBM, Walmart, and other big
name sites to see what the latest acceptable form is.

Profitability - Does your technology make you money or is it too
broke down and out of date to do so?  Technology is an asset you
pay for just like trucks, cars, copiers, desks, and more.  We all know
an empty desk is a waste of business space and a new truck with no
driver goes in the loss column.  Technology needs to be manned
and driven in order to make a profit.  Don't be too cheap to invest in
something that makes a potentially high rate of return out of one
tech-reps work.  Check your accounting and be sure you are
making a profit on your hardware, network, software, web sites, and
web marketing.  It is in fact a second business that you own and
operate, for better or for worse.

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