How Complex
is Your Business?

How many people, advisors, and service groups do
you spend time communicating with to keep your
business running and implement strategies?

This chart represents some of the people or things
which a business owner must deal with and make
decisions about.  As the business grows, the number
of "bubbles of influence" surrounding the owner tend
to increase, taking more and more from the time
needed to successfully run The chart at the right the
business.  The need to delegate efficiently rises.

Few business owners have a formal plan.  Often, as
they become more and more successful, they begin
to allow the demands of the operation to dictate their
time.  "Putting Out Fires" becomes the rule.  As this
occurs, the cost of business continues to rise and
can eventually put the owner out of business, or
worse, in a constant state of high activity and low or
no return.

The first step in overcoming this trap is to create a
Master Wealth Plan... click here
Build Your
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