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EcspexVision Benefits:
  • EcspexVision
    Vision is a process of reviewing and confirming your Business Plans and Goals.  We use this
    process to help confirm that you need us and we can help you.  By completing the questionnaire we
    can then provide you with a report to detail the potential for your business.  This is similar to service
    we provide to clients in person but it is now available online to save you time and expenses.

  • Contact information for an Ecspex Professional including phone, email, social network...
    We provide you with the ability to contact us.  When you open an online service account we don't
    hide, we are available to you as quickly as a phone call.  Since we are busy, at times you will need
    to leave a message and we'll call back as soon as possible.  Email, texting, and social sites are
    opened too; anything you need to get real help from us!
  • Monthly News Letter full of business news and advice custom written for our clients.
    The monthly New Letter is a recap of important information, ideas, and market opportunities.  It is
                       also forward looking with a preview of things to come, potential market opportunities,
    and answers to latest concerns
                       of business owners we work with.
  • Access to our Twitter.  Tweets designed to help you in your business.
    We tweet important timely information, web links, and links to information easily obtained by mobile
    devices.  We also focus on items which other successful professionals utilize in their daily

  • Subscription to our Ecspex Blog
    The blog is like a daily newsletter but has a more in-depth style.  The purpose is to provide
    actionable ideas with enough information so that you can easily implement the ideas.

  • Access to our library of Ecspex' historical archives of business information and advice.
    We accumulate the blogs, newsletters, resources, and more into a searchable library for you to
    access through your account.  To save you time, if a subject is not covered in our library and you
    need help with research, just send us an email and we'll do the work for you.

  • Decision Quest.  Do you need to make a difficult decision?  Let us help you.
    This service  helps you to make timely key decisions, with our help. It's a simple needs based
    process which blends our experience with your needs.  If it happens to be beyond our expertise we
    rely on our Ecspex members and our Professional resources.

Medical Practice
Land Development
Family Office
Mid-Size Business
Small Business
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