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Investment Created America

In a time of great challenge by socialist leadership on the left, it is good to remember our roots.

Our Land of Opportunity is still here

If the men who signed the Declaration of Independence had not been heavily invested in our original colonies, the incentive to create this country would not have existed.

They owned and operated businesses, farms, trades, imports and exports, shipping, milling, and manufacturing.  This is still a country of investment, ownership, innovation, and especially independence.  Every person can invest in opportunity. 

When this country was formed, it was not founded on feudalism, kings, emperors, or ruling governors, but on the ability of individuals to invest in new opportunities, without excessive tax, duties, or encumbrance; to be a free capitalist society. 

This is a call to invest even further

What would it mean if our wealthiest, brightest, most innovative leaders stopped creating and investing in opportunity because of the risk of something like #CoronaVirus?  What if they stopped completely, waited for our Government to solve the problems, print more money, inject cash into the system, and then maybe started up again? Wouldn’t that make our Land of Opportunity less of what it should be, and more like the kingdoms, tribes, and feudalism they wished to escape?

This is the time for calculated risks, the same way you became wealthy in the first place.  George Washing owned land, farming, and business.  He calculated carefully the risks of continuing under a failed British designed system which took too much from Americans.  Then he took action. 

You don’t need a stock market, exchanges, hedge funds, bonds or other institutional investment platforms.  There are plenty of private businesses and direct investment opportunities available.  Consider getting the younger people in your family started in a business they can do, which is safe, and creates a decent cash flow.  They don’t need jobs; they need business opportunity.  Fund them.  Lawn mowing is safe and simple.  Purchase a truck, trailer, gear and advertise on Craigslist.  Or start something more robust like a franchise cleaning business, home repair, or whatever you like.  $5,00-$30,000 is enough to start a good business. But remember, the operator must be interested the business.  There are always opportunities online for new business: Web-dev, UX, Advertising, Ebay, Amazon, Copy service, writing, and on and on.

What action should you take?

This country is fat with opportunity, even in this crisis. There is a huge need to innovate and solve problems of how to work further apart, deliver goods without personal interaction, clean and disinfect, train faster over the internet, create a new internet.  It goes on and on.  But you need to invest.  You need to take action, how quickly we move can determine success.

  • Make a list of the things you are especially good at providing to other people
  • Decide how much you can afford to invest (yes, you can lose it, but also make it back)
  • Get on the phone and talk with anyone you know about their business
  • Ask them what they need and how you can help
  • Invest your time and money into ideas you think are good and will grow
  • If you pulled out of stocks or other investments in this time, consider private investment
  • Add your talents to other people’s opportunities
  • Find partners who will take the risk with you to reduce potential loss per investor
  • Create a team of leaders to help the business, like a private board of directors
    • You are probably already good at this one
    • If not, find someone who is

Leadership is everything

Almost anyone who is sitting around waiting for things to happen is only waiting for the right leadership to inspire, motivate, and fund their success or path to success.

If you get stuck, you can talk to me.  My gift, or talent, is helping other people become successful.  I can usually find opportunity in what they are currently doing, visualize growth and new lines of business, and help define the risks and rewards of business opportunity.  If you are thinking of buying a small business, investing through someone to get them started, please run it past me.  I have helped business owner from small lawn mowing repair and sales, to the one of the largest Electric service companies in the country.  From broke people to millionaires and billion-dollar companies, from inventors to those who invest in taking the inventions to the market.