Ecspex ServicesBusiness FormulationWork FlowTechnology
Ecspex combines strategies from 3 key areas of business:1) Formulation (Finance & Planning)


2) Work Flow (Management/efficiency)

3) Technology & Productivity

Business Allocation-Business Goals


-Investment Ideas


Financial-Cost of businessSystem Design-Selection of vendors


-Software Platforms



Our goal is to provide a broader range of expertise to streamline processes and provide strategies more in line with the way Entrepreneurs and Business Owners work, think, and plan.Transfer / Conversion-Leave to Family-Sell to an entity


-Conversion to stock



Marketing and Sales-Marketing Plan


-Identify Markets

-Market Penetration

-Professional Networking

Marketing and Communications-Social Nets


-SEO, Advertising

Business Formulation PlanComplete Business design with Business & Personal Financial Planning, which combines the two areas rather than considering them separate.Personal Allocation-Keep what you earn


-Don’t outlast your business

-Allocate to increase opportunity

Work Flow and Processes-Bottleneck Identification


-Bottleneck Resolution

-Enhanced Processes

Internet Presence-Real Business



-Service for Custormers

Business Work Flow PlanWe search for the most efficient ways to streamline and cultivate your business for maximum growth and valuation.Preparing to Borrow & Grow-Key Information


-Robust Plan

Business Design-Entity Selection


-Growth Model

Internet Services-Professional Providers


-Quality of Service

-Getting set up

Technology / Productivity PlanWe review your current technology platform and help find solutions and a design to enhance work flow.Training-Key Officers



Key Personnel-Officers



Internet Storefront-Lower Expenses


-How to reach more customers

 Compensation-Understanding Benefits


-Employee Financial Planning



-Bonus Programs


Data Valuation-Know your customers


-Data Gathering

-Data Usage Design

-Data Protection

  Advisors-Who might be the best?


-Where are they?

-Reducing the cost of advice



-Systems, Software

  Training-Marketing & Sales


-Management & Work Flow


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