Most Business Property Can Be Managed to Higher Valuation

Valuation, the thing by which all property and business is purchased and sold. Someone must value a property/business enough to purchase it from someone who agrees with that valuation.

As a business owner, it is important to you to get every fair dollar out of a property you sell, or any business deal you close.

  • Don’t leave opportunity on the table.
  • Manage your property to a higher valuation. The net earnings are important!
  • For hotels it’s a given that occupancy is important. What strategies will increase utilization?
  • Facility valuation is based on renovation. Is your property up to date?
  • Are your employees as sharp, capable, and hospitable as they should be?

As a business investor, it is also important that you get every fair asset value for the amount you pay to close a deal.

  • Be sure to test the value of each property.
  • What infrastructure has not been kept up and repaired, or is out of date?
  • Do flooring, walls, furniture, lighting, HVAC, roof and so much more need to be replaced?
  • Is there a true opportunity to increase occupancy and room charge?
  • What is the local housekeeping and maintenance labor availability?

Money is relative to valuation, therefore the assets are most important. If you need to re-manage the property to increase valuation prior to selling or after purchasing, it may be wise to invest in high quality advisor services.

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