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Ecspex – Achieve your expectations

Mission  – The goal of Ecspex is to be the “Go-To” shop for small to mid-size business. As such, Ecspex intends to provide the very best and most complete consulting and advice for growth oriented business owners and successful entrepreneurs. We will resource the best and highest quality professional services, networking, technical knowledge, manpower and strategies available on behalf of our clients and their best interests.

Ecspex (expects) – Ecspex is derived from the best problem solving and management training of several Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 companies and is as diverse as everything from computer systems analysis to investment banking and financial services. Ecspex gathers strength for you and your business by partnering with the best corporate and independent resources available to each Business Owner.

Ecspex Applied – is to imply the Business Owner’s ability to productively pursue their wealth opportunities through better management of their business and ultimately meeting their expectations. The purpose is to plan and execute business strategies which are focused on the success of the owner(s) more than the build-out of a business. The Owner’s business will be treated like an asset expected to perform. This is a step beyond typical business consulting and much more robust than other services today.

The entrepreneur/business owner can be much better served if provided the ability to consider more options, focus on specific goals for success, and reduce costs through better negotiating skills.

Business Owners represented by Ecspex are not startups. Instead they have passed the startup phase and are looking for better advice, need to expand management, obtain capital and resources, and negotiate better professional fees and services. Most important, these Business Owners are passionate about building out their company to a much higher valuation level.  If sale, merger, or transfer of the business to family, friends, or employees is in their future, they can benefit from Ecspex services to help increase the value of their business assets.

A short list of services: Assessments, Wealth Strategy Planning, Establishment of Personal and Business Goals, Expectations and Measures, Plan/Goal Implementation, Negotiation of fees and services, Evaluation, Capital Raise Strategies and Networking, Re-evaluation.

Ecspex works very closely with Business Owners to provide strategy and implementation, and to manage a potential team of professionals and services which can help the business grow more rapidly and prepare for capital needs ahead of time.

Often small and mid-sized business owners are unprepared to go to the bank.  If they had been aware of a few more things before the need for financing arrived, they might have negotiated a much better situation.

Wealth – Unlike other advisors and consultants we don’t consider someone to be wealthy just based on the amount of money they can deposit in an account.  We realize that wealthy people often do not maintain the bulk of their wealth in brokerage and bank accounts but instead spread it around in a variety of things they wish to own which also have value, especially to them.  A wealthy person could also be someone who is on the way to being very successful and their potential and value has not yet created the standard measure of wealth in dollars.

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