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Independents – Investment Groups – Corporations

Providing Consulting Services since 1992 and specializing in Owner/Operator solutions since 2007 Ecspex provides nationwide advisory and management solutions to the Hospitality Industry.

Custom development of advisory teams, various resources like banking and specialized lenders, investment management, business financial providers, risk management, and more, for each individual owner, group, or corporate investor.

Strategies for portfolio investments, asset allocation, diversification, continuation, estate planning and wealth management.

One step further by offering a robust facilities management platform to help maintain properties to high standards.

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The Dimension That Makes Us Different –

Many consultants have been educated in Financial Investments, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, or the Consulting industry rather than actual ownership.

Ecspex is managed by a fully entrepreneurial leadership with first hand experience in the risks. Experience in true ownership of multiple start-ups in business equipment, property management, facility services, manufacturing, web development, productivity design, sales/marketing, and more.

Add to this a deep education in Fortune 500 management, banking, finance, and technology. For our clients, this is essential to the decision making process because we add ownership experience to Consulting Teams. Our entrepreneurial commitment continues in our facility services and management solutions.