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New York Stock Exchange Sold To German Boerse

The NYSE was sold out yesterday to the German Boerse exchange in a merger deal.  A major icon of our American ingenuity and capitalist structure has truly been sold out to a foreign entity.  Even if they try to say Americans still have an interest in it, it’s like you owning one share of Walmart and thinking you can control the company; not enough votes.

We may as well take all the stuff out of the Smithsonian and put it all on Ebay.  How about if we give a patent and copyright to China for the American Flag?  The amazing thing is the press isn’t reporting that we’ve been sold out and it’s just being treated like the sale of a bank branch.  Much of the world’s economy, the real and free part, was exchanged through the NYSE.  The name will even disappear soon.  The NYSE was created in 1792.

Being a member of the NYSE was prestigious.  I really don’t know what it will mean now that descendants of Prussia will be in control.   The amazing thing is the sale price was only $10 Billion.  Shall we sell our bridges and canals to India or how about give them as a gift to Iran?

We have such an incredibly failed government…

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