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Went to a KC Chiefs Game and a Third World Country Broke Out

I may be a Kansas City area resident but having lived in the Rockies for a large chunk of my life, I’m a Denver

fan, so I took the opportunity to go to a Broncos vs. Chiefs game recently, in Kansas City. This was my first, and maybe my last, outing to an NFL game. I like to watch on TV but the NFL is not the NFL I grew up with and this game, Broncos/Chiefs, in particular has underscored the changes.

Not only was there a murder in the parking lot during the game, but the fans murdered the parking lot after the game with what looked like a Juarez, Mexico trash dump. If fans believe leaving their trash, and I do mean a lot of it, in the parking lot as a reply to losing to the Broncos is a correct response, then I will never be a fan. Really, who does this?

Don’t Mess with Texas, a slogan created by the State of Texas in response to its citizens being nearly the last in our country to stop polluting by throwing garbage everywhere, was very effective. Don’t Mess with the Chiefs could be a worthy addition to this effort. In the days when Texans were so trashy as to constantly throw stuff from moving cars, litter the highways and roads, they would drive to the Rocky Mountains and do the same thing. They were bad neighbors to New Mexico and Colorado, less welcome because of it. Fortunately they are good neighbors today, because someone took action.

Where are Chiefs and NFL fans headed with this trashing of the parking lot? What does this say about the future of professional sports and fans? Just how far will this go and what does it take to end this?

I would first recommend that anyone caught trashing the lot should be expelled from future games and stadium parking, including the shared Royals parking lot. The cost of small loaders to pick up the trash, and garbage trucks to haul it off after the game would probably be enough saved to pay for the penalty. Second, the pregame tailgating fiasco needs to be reduced to an hour of partying. Let the party head home after the game. And, simple as pie, drunks should not be allowed! How hard is this to understand for a family event?

But really, who cares about the cost? What about the quality of the event? Will the NFL and the Chiefs allow trashy fans to overtake and obliterate the quality of the event? Should anyone allow so many drunks, murderers, and trashy people to hang around and destroy the event? Should NFL fans expect this?

Don’t Mess with the Chiefs and Don’t Mess with the NFL!