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Ten Ways My Blackberry is More Productive than Your iPhone


  1. It has a great voice phone! I don’t hear “What?” as often, so my calls are brief.
  2. Nobody is stopping me to ask if they can see my device.
  3. Nobody is asking me which Apps I have loaded.
  4. Nobody is telling me which Apps they have loaded.
  5. My email does circles around your email.
  6. I can type longer Text messages which Blackberrys can display but you have to send for the rest of the text.
  7. Outlook works perfect with my Blackberry.
  8. The real game is the game of life, not the time-waster games on your cell.
  9. My Blackberry and my powerful laptop get more work done than your iPhone and iPad.
  10. My Blackberry is a symbol of business sense rather than the current fad.

 Okay, that’s enough for now! lol

Anyway, there is no doubt they are both great phones and great systems!