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Grow Your Business, NOW

Most business owners are rightfully using caution in their business growth plans.  With the economy remaining in a slow pattern and apparently higher taxes beginning next year, it is definitely a good time for caution.  It may not be a good time for the same old business style.

Part of caution should be utilization of re-thinking your business model and to grow the business in a more cautious way, maybe more aggressive at the same time.  In the 1990s and into this first decade of the new century, one method of growth involved simply throwing money into new ideas and see which ones would stick.  Google has done well with this model, and of course they also have the cash pool to afford excess risk.  For the rest of us who don’t have billions of dollars to burn, it’s much wiser to truly think your way through the problem of how to grow your business.

Now is the time to take a more cautious and prudent approach to growth.  Notice that I still expect a good business to grow, even in this economy, through wise management and good growth tactics and strategies.  Diligence can save your business.  Reducing overhead and expenses are a given but after you reduce costs you still need to grow the business in a meaningful way, especially if you have good competition.  More on this later…