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Visualize Your “Big Picture”

Often, success in business is very much about your ability to see the big picture, to be able to visualize the potential size, scope, and impact of a venture or invention.  Chester Carlson had an image in his mind of people communicating much faster and easier by allowing them to duplicate documents quickly without typesetting or using an expensive chemical process, so he developed the Xerox copier.  And we all know about Edison’s vision of the utility of safe, simple lights.  The big picture begins with an idea and then asking, “What if?”

What is the Big Picture vision you have for your business?  It could be as simple as selling it to the highest bidder or as complex as developing a multi-generational family empire.  Whatever your vision is, you should have it on paper and be able to explain it to anyone who needs to know, at any time.  You should be able to explain it to yourself in terms that psych you up and keep you motivated to work toward the goals you set! 

Imagine if Bill Gates had no vision of the impact the operating system would have on PCs.  Imagine if Steve Jobs had no vision of the impact of end-users owning their own computers and software.  Imagine if Henry Ford had no vision of mass production of the automobile at a low cost per owner.  Imagine what it will be like if you have no vision to fulfill.  If not, then where are you going?  Are you in business just to have a job or was there a point in time when you really had a vision of where your business could take you?

Ask yourself today if you are on the path to the success you expect or if you are on a path determined by the demands of your customers, your suppliers, and the day?  If you are no longer on your path to success, how will you get back on it?  What keeps you and your business from reaching the goals of your expectations?