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How to Contact a Corporation

You can just about forget that.  Many companies not only don’t answer the phone with humans these days, but now they are becoming harder and harder to contact through the internet.

AT&T as an example, used to have their toll free customer service number plastered all over the web site.  It was easy to call them and get help with your account or sign up for new service.  Now, they have buried their contact info deep in the site.  Basically you are either paid up with them or you are out of luck!  They even cut off the web site to customers who are late on their bill.  That’s an interesting concept since a lot of people pay online, where they likely ordered or changed their service at AT&T to begin with.  It’s pretty funny that they sell the latest technology and then expect old fashion walk-in payments or credit cards by calling them from another phone.

Today I tried to find a way to contact Fox Sports regarding coverage of the KU vs Cal basketball game.  They have an affiliate in Kansas City but still do not broadcast the game right here in the geographic heart of Kansas fans (and the game was in California!).  You’d think somebody could say something but the contact page on the web is a dead end with a message stating they made changes to the site.

There are many companies which now forego good service.  The volume of business they do, and really many people refuse to complain or give their opinion, determines that they just “don’t” have the time.  Email works okay for many companies, but try to figure out the service pages for Norton, Microsoft, and many others who have quietly closed the communication channels. 

Okay, so, many companies just want to sell you a service and never speak to you again.  Is it because they don’t speak “American”?  Are they out of the country and don’t understand our sports and communication expectations?  Or do they just not care?  Too big to fail, too big to be bothered by those of us who pay them fees for service.  How far will our society let this failure to serve go?